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You can help: Contact MPs this Fall

Essentially, CAI is an awareness drive – and we can all take part. If you are anaphylactic, or care for a loved one with severe allergies, then you can help make Canada a safer place.

Our families are asking everyone who wants to see government action on severe allergy issues to contact their local Member(s) of Parliament. Write. E-mail. Phone. Visit.

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Help spread the news of CAI

Get involved now.  Let us know what you are doing, and how you are helping raise awareness and supporting CAI’s activities inOttawa.  Tell your network of friends and e-mail databases of CAI’s website and efforts. Encourage other families to become informed and get involved. 

Please consider sending an e-mail, or posting to your Facebook page or your blog with a direct link to us. Help people find us – help people get involved. 

Everyone can help:  contact your Member of Parliament today! Our idea and mission is for Canadian families to raise awareness of anaphylaxis issues on Parliament Hill and with federal government officials inOttawa. 

Utilize your Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile to share news about Motion M-230 and the 5-point policy request. Join our efforts and encourage others to do so too.

New Survey Reveals Emotional Impact of Food Allergy on Children

A recent survey was released in September by the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) a nonprofit and the trusted source in food allergies, and Galaxy Nutritional Foods, a leading producer of cheese alternatives. The study examined parents’ perspectives on the emotional impact that food allergies have on their children.

Nearly 70% of the parents of children with food allergies surveyed said having a food allergy has impacted their child’s quality of life.  40% indicated their child’s life was impacted “somewhat,” and 29% “a great deal.”  Some of the survey findings include:

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1 in 13 U.S. Kids has Food Allergy

(This is an excerpt of an article in Allergic Living by the publication’s editor Gwen Smith. The direct link is here:

A new study, funded by the Food Allergy Initiative, finds that 8 percent of American children under the age of 18 have one or more food allergies. That means 5.9 million kids are at risk food-allergic reactions.

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Latest American Statistics

Eight percent of U.S. children 18 years and younger — about 6 million — have food allergies, according to a survey study published June 20, 2011 in the journal Pediatrics with lead author Dr. Ruchi Gupta of Northwestern University.

That’s twice as many children as previously reported. A 2009 study by the National Center for Health Statistics published in the journal Pediatrics found 3.9 percent of children in this age range reported food allergies.

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Please Contact Your MP

This winter, across Canada, there is a group of concerned individuals who are contacting MPs to relate to them personal accounts of the trials families face in dealing with anaphylaxis – and to ask for their support for Motion 230.

We are asking everyone who wants to see action on severe allergy issues to contact their local Member(s) of Parliament. Write. E-mail. Phone. Visit.

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Anaphylaxis Debate, House of Commons, March 21, 2011

Opening Remarks: Mr. Dean Allison (MP Niagara-Glanbrook)
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