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Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service Unveils EpiPen Program

Sept. 9, 2014 – City of Vaughan News Release

Beginning this month, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service will be providing enhanced emergency medical care, including administering EpiPens for adults and children suffering from a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Vaughan firefighters will be trained to recognize and treat life-threatening medical situations. In addition to administering EpiPens, this includes assisting asthma patients with their inhalers during an attack and providing aspirin to those suffering from cardiac chest pain.


“Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service has always provided a high level of emergency service to our residents. This new program raises the bar and demonstrates a commitment to enhanced emergency medical care. I am proud of our fire service and our firefighters who are there for the community every day, rising above and beyond their job responsibilities to protect lives and property.”

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

“As first responders, our priority is to protect and save lives. We are often the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency and having the EpiPens on hand provides an added level of care and service for the people of Vaughan. It is our goal to provide a safe and secure community, and these additional medical services will complement the already high level of service that the residents of Vaughan have come to expect.”

Fire Chief Larry Bentley


  • The EpiPen Auto-Injector is a disposable, pre-filled automatic injection device that administers epinephrine to treat a severe allergic reaction
  • Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service consists of almost 300 fire service personnel, including 250 firefighters
  • There are 10 fire stations serving the City of Vaughan


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