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Proposed Allergy Protocol for Airlines

Risk Reduction Policy for Anaphylactic Passengers

Two Step Policy – To be implemented as soon as possible.

Step 1)

  • Suspend serving and selling peanuts/nuts/sesame snaps when an allergic person makes the request.
  • Announcement made at departure gate and on board, requesting passengers do not open or consume any peanuts/nuts during this flight.  Passengers would not be asked to refrain from eating products labeled only as ‘may contain’ peanuts or nuts.
  • The epinephrine auto-injector (EAI) carried by the anaphylactic passenger (or caregiver), with the pharmacy sticker or a doctor’s note is sufficient medical identification.
  • Allow pre-board in order to speak with In-Charge Flight Attendant and to wipe down seat area.
  • Require flight crew to be trained and authorized to administer an epinephrine auto injector.
  • Add an ‘Allergy Notification’ on the Passenger Information List (PIL) to alert staff to expect the allergic passenger.
  • Flight Booking Notice: “Please be prepared for possible food restrictions on your flight – in support of our anaphylactic passengers.”

Step 2)

  • For passengers allergic to foods other than peanuts/nuts, with 48 hours’ notice, the airline will make every effort to come to an agreeable arrangement.

Steps 1) & 2)

  • Flight crew will be trained never to refuse boarding to a passenger solely on the basis of that person’s food allergy and anaphylaxis risk.

Take Action – Circulate the Petition on Reducing the Risk for Anaphylactic Passengers

The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI) is a network of Canadian families committed to raising awareness of anaphylaxis on Parliament Hill and with federal government officials.             

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