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Take Action

Take Action – Circulate the Petition on Reducing the Risk for Anaphylactic Passengers

Contact your MP now. In the weeks and months ahead, you connecting with your federally elected representative is the single, most important thing you can do to help support these efforts, on behalf of all Canadian families living with severe allergies. Now is the perfect time to contact your MP in your community! Write. E-mail. Phone. Visit. If you can, briefly tell them your story and concerns at a MP’s BBQ or public event, or at their office. MPs are always interested to know what’s important to their constituents. Take every opportunity to:

  • Tell them how important the Anaphylaxis Awareness Motion 230 is to your family. (print off and share the press releases with them)
  • Talk about some of your challenges in trying to keep your loved ones safe.
  • Ask if you can count on their support – and promise to be back in touch with news as it happens (you can forward news and background information as CAI posts new material).

Your actions are very important and will determine our ultimate success. Why? Each community’s voice needs to be heard in Parliament. MPs are often in their constituency offices meeting with local residents, as they want to help and learn what’s important to their constituents. If they hear first-hand the issues faced by allergic individuals and their families, it will help them better understand and put a face to the importance of this issue, and the need to act responsibly now. The more families they hear from – the better understanding MPs will have of how prevalent anaphylaxis is. . So, when this matter is debated in Parliament, they will be supportive. Please remember! Send us an update to let us know your MP’s response! E-mail us at You can learn more about this awareness initiative:

To find out more about your MP, visit the official federal Parliament website. Don’t know your MP? Go here and enter your postal code in the middle column.