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Lizon Pleased To Announce Improved Communications Tools For Food Safety

(MISSISSAUGA ON) This morning Wladyslaw Lizon, MP for Mississauga East-Cooksville, was pleased to announce the Harper government’s work to provide improved communications tools to help consumers with essential, real-time and easy-to-understand information about food safety and food recalls.

“Our government is committed to improving the awareness of what Canadians purchase and consume,” said Lizon. “Parents want to know that the food they provide to their families is healthy and safe to eat.”

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EpiPens on Mississauga Fire Trucks Already Save Two Lives

On May 8, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) announced that all fire trucks operating in Mississauga will carry EpiPens and firefighters are authorized to provide assistance to anyone that requires it. Since that announcement, MFES staff have saved two lives by properly administering the EpiPen.

The first emergency call came on August 20, 2013 when a Read more

Food allergy advocates call for drug injectors in restaurants

Advocates for those with food allergies are urging more cities to follow the lead of Hamilton, Ont., which could become the first city in the world to require all food service outlets to have life-saving medication on hand for people with severe food allergies.

Food allergies can lead to severe reactions called anaphylaxis, which causes a dangerous drop in blood pressure and swelling of the throat and tongue. It untreated, the condition can quickly lead to death.

To stop the reaction, allergy sufferers need the quick administration of epinephrine — also known as adrenaline -through an epinephrine injector, often called EpiPens, to helps relax bronchial muscles and buy them time as they wait for emergency medical care. Read more

Anaphylaxis and the Unanimous Motion 230 Vote

by Chris George (first published on By George Journal – May 28, 2013)

I wish to wrap up the events of last week with a few personal observations.

  • It was very gratifying last Wednesday night to see the anaphylaxis awareness motion receive MPs’ unanimous consent in the House of Commons. Our group of families, who have been volunteering our efforts over the past five years, connected with many MPs over three different Parliaments. It was wonderful for us to see our work with MPs, to raise awareness and understanding of severe allergies, result in an overwhelming endorsement.
  • To our group of families that comprised the core of the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative, thank you so much! Read more

Mississauga City MPs push anaphylaxis awareness

MISSISSAUGA NEWS (by Ian Colpitts) — Five Mississauga MPs were on the frontlines of a successful motion in parliament to raise awareness of anaphylaxis.

Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert, along with fellow Mississauga MPs Brad Butt (Mississauga-Streetsville), Stella Ambler (Mississauga South), Wladyslaw Lizon (Mississauga East-Cooksville) and Eve Adams (Mississauga-Brampton South), took part in the unanimous vote on May 22. Read more

EpiPens Available on all Mississauga Fire Trucks

EpiPens Available on all Mississauga Fire Trucks  – May 08, 2013

Today during City Council, Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services announced that all fire trucks operating in Mississauga will carry EpiPens and firefighters are authorized to provide assistance to anyone that requires it. Read more

Letter from Anaphylaxis Canada to MP Dean Allison – April 17, 2013

Click here to read the letter from Anaphaylaxis Canada regarding Motion 230.