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Blue Jays to offer peanut controlled seating for those with allergies

Peanut/Nut Controlled Section Available for 6 Games

(from Blue Jays press release)

The Blue Jays are doubling the number of games with peanut/nut-controlled seating this year, up to six from three a year ago.

At these games, fans with peanut/nut allergies can purchase tickets to a special section in the 200-level outfield, dubbed the Peanut Controlled Zone, where nuts will be restricted.

The club describes the special seating as “peanut/nut-controlled” rather than peanut/nut-free, because they say that they cannot prevent shells and residue from being carried by the wind from other sections into the controlled area.

While reasonable efforts will be made to make it peanut/nut controlled, we cannot guarantee the absence of peanuts, nuts or particles or residue from either,” states an official disclaimer.

The following games will include peanut/nut-controlled seating:

Tuesday, April 30 vs. Boston

Tuesday, May 14 vs. San Francisco

Monday, June 17 vs. Colorado

Friday, July 19 vs. Tampa Bay

Tuesday, Aug. 27 vs. New York

Tuesday, Sept. 10 vs. Los Angeles

All games start at 7:07 pm

For tickets please contact:  or 416 341 3175 or 416 341 3164

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