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June 16, 2011 – Niagara West – Glanbrook Member of Parliament Dean Allison gave notice for a motion in the House of Commons today. Motion-230 reads: That in the opinion of the House, anaphylaxis is a serious concern for an increasing number of Canadians and the government should take the appropriate measures necessary to ensure these Canadians are able to maintain a high quality of life.

This anaphylaxis awareness motion is one that Mr. Allison championed in the last Parliament, working with his colleagues and the Health Minister, and lead a House of Commons debate where Motion-546 received all-Party support. The federal election was called before a vote could be held, and therefore the reintroduction of the MP’s motion is welcomed by hundreds of family members of the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative (CAI), a volunteer network of concerned families who have been working with MPs through the past year to raise awareness of severe allergies in Ottawa.

Anaphylaxis is a medical condition describing people with severe, life threatening allergies.  Reactions are rapid in onset and may cause death without immediate treatment.  Food is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, but insect stings, medicine, latex, fragrances, or exercise can cause reactions. In Canada, the most common food allergens are peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, sesame, wheat, sulphites and mustard. Anaphylaxis has no cure, though important research and efforts to find a cure are underway.  Avoidance is the required preventative measure.

MP Dean Allison says, “One in 13 Canadians suffer from life-threatening allergies – we all know of someone who is anaphylactic. So, we must begin to find new ways to reduce the risks of unnecessary and preventable anaphylactic incidents.”

“With Motion-230, we want to look at how we can help coordinate a thoughtful government response to anaphylaxis to raise public understanding of life threatening allergies and to provide greater safety for a growing number of Canadian children, youth, adults and their families.”

Cindy Paskey, a CAI spokesperson explains, “With the support of MPs and government officials, we can raise greater public understanding, promote responsible safety measures, educate people on the signs of a reaction and how to help a person in need – similar to CPR education. We ask for our government to consider a coordinated approach to its health and safety responsibilities, to public education and to support the necessary research to find the root causes and, ultimately, a cure for severe allergies.”

Debbie Bruce, another CAI spokesperson says, “We are very thankful to Dean Allison and the many MPs who have given their commitment to this awareness drive. We are working with other concerned families across Canada who are reaching out to their local MPs. We hope our collective activity will prompt the Health Minister and other ministers, and federal government officials to act.”

“Canadians and our governments have been successfully tackling a wide range of health concerns from heart and stroke to diabetes and now obesity. This is making Canada a safer, healthier, happier place to live.  Anaphylaxis deserves the same attention,” says Ms. Bruce.

For more information, visit the CAI Facebook page and/or call:

Cindy Paskey, 905 934-0681 /

Debbie Bruce, 905 828-1954 /

Don Tulloch, Legislative Assistant, M.P. Dean Allison — 613 995-2772 /

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